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Ten reasons why the RB palletiser should be top of your shortlist

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Automating your palletising operations brings significant advantages over manual loading, including greater productivity, improved reliability and cost savings. But what gives Reeco’s RB palletiser the edge?

1. Simple to operate HMI

The RB Palletiser’s pre-programmed HMI allows users and operators to access pallet build plans easily with minimal operator interaction, even providing language options for ease of use.

2. Bespoke end of arm tooling

Reeco’s unique servo gripper can be adapted to handle different packaging configurations simply by adjustments to the software, with no hands-on adjustments required. Where a different end of arm tool is required, changing it is very easy thanks to Reeco’s quick release system.

3. Superior on-board processing power

The RB palletiser’s integral IPC enables it to handle complex processes efficiently and consistently, without placing unnecessary burden on the cobot arm’s own processer. This means it can carry out more complex tasks at speed than other cobot palletisers.

4. Recurring packaging jobs can be pre-programmed

All product SKUs are pre-programmed so switching between products is simple and fast. Simply choose the product and pallet plan and the palletiser will do the rest. If new products are added after installation of the palletiser, Reeco’s simple and intuitive software makes it easy to add them.

5. Safety built-in

Each RB palletiser arm operates within its own guarding, ensuring any people working nearby are kept out of harm’s way. As a matter of course, Reeco also conducts thorough risk assessments and all equipment is CE approved.

6. Exceptionally small footprint

The RB palletisier has one of the smallest footprints in the cobot palletising market. This makes it possible to bring the efficiencies of automation even to production environments where space at the end-of-line operation is severely limited.

7. Rapid installation and flexible relocation

We can install your RB palletiser and integrate it with your production line quickly, with minimal interruption to the factory and production. When production demand changes, the RB palletiser can be easily relocated to other areas of your factory to suit your production needs.

8. Single point of contact

Our expertise goes beyond simply supplying and installing our palletisers – we ensure they integrate successfully within your production lines and provide all that’s required alongside them to ensure a full end-of-line automation solution. This gives you the benefit of just one point of contact for help or advice on all your palletising needs.

9. We are the market leaders

Reeco were the UK pioneers in the use of cobots – collaborative robots – as palletisers. While there are now a few copies of our innovations, our dedication to staying at the forefront of this field has meant our palletisers still have unique attributes that you won’t find elsewhere.

10. Proof of concept

All the above advantages add up to a compelling argument for the RB palletiser, but the best news is you don’t even have to take our word for it. We are happy to set up a demonstration showing the RB palletiser handling your goods at either of our facilities in Newtown or Bradford, using your own packaging and products. To find out more about how Reeco can transform your end of line productivity, please call our head office on 01686 621 138 or email sales@reeco.co.uk

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