Developed by Reeco, the CP1200 Case Packer is a versatile case packing system, perfect for packing boxes and trays in end-of-line packing processes.

From single and dual arm cells, to single and multi-pick configurations, the CP1200 can be modified to meet different production throughputs and packing patterns as required. Its compact design demands reduced floor space, making it an attractive solution to producers of all sizes.

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CP1200 Case Packer

High Throughput – The CP1200 is capable of achieving upwards of 1200 cycles per hour.

High Payload – The Omron TM14 Robots are suitable for handling payloads of up to 14KG each.

Versatile Solution – The CP1200 is suited to both box and tray packing.

Quick Integration – Easily integrated with upstream and downstream systems.

The CP1200 Case Packer

The CP1200 Case Packer utilises Omron TM14 Collaborative Robots which provide a reach of 1100mm and a payload of 14kg. With dual and single arm models, its inverted design allows for a quicker pick and a shorter travel time, improving product throughput and reducing the required footprint.

We are able to provide custom tooling to suit different products, accommodating the packing of bottles, cans, bags, boxes, trays, food items, tubs, wrapped product, pots & pouches.

Compact Packaging Machinery

The CP1200 has been created for operations where Case Packing is a core process of your business, offering improved throughputs and reducing manual labour. The design of the system allows for easy modification to suit your case packaging patterns and throughput requirements while remaining compact and preserving floor space.

Our Case Packer accommodates the packing of both trays and boxes. Product and containers arrive at one end of the cell via conveyor, the Cobots will then pack to the desired specification before the packed items continue their journey down the packing line to tape sealing, labelling, palletising etc.

CP1200 Cobot Automated Packing

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CP1200 Footprint

The CP1200 utilises the ability to invert the robotic arms, mounting them upside down which provides them with perfect positioning above the conveyor. By inverting the robots we are able to shrink the footprint, reduce the distance from pick and place locations and limit the overall robot movement required to complete a cycle which in turn positively impacts throughput.

The combination of footprint and payload capability make the CP1200 highly competitive, offering the best of both worlds by bridging the gap between heavy payload industrial case packing systems and the low payload, high-speed case packing systems.

Case Packer Footprint

Easy Pack Programming

Easy Pack simplifies the complexity of automation, bringing together all of the systems functionality into one easy to understand, visual interface. Easy Pack was designed to give manufacturers control over their production, enabling quick changes to accommodate product alterations and additions, with limited external support.

With the development of products such as the RB1200 palletiser and its Easy Stack interface, Reeco are simplifying the automation of core operations, changing the way we interact with machines and the skill level required to do so.

Benefits of Robotic Case Packers

Integrating robots as automatic case packers provides you with a competitive edge. Flexibility is part of robotic nature, allowing you to simplify production lines through the collation of product programs and respond to changes in demand with greater agility. From bottle case packer machines, to carton packers and tray packers, implementing an effective automated packing solution can greatly benefit production operations.

Box Packing system
Production Efficiency

Automating case packing with a robotic box packer provides significantly greater uptime and consistency within the packing process. Robotic automation supports measurable and consistent throughput, enabling greater production control and efficiency.

Reduced Risk of RSIs

Case packing machines, and similar case packing equipment, can supplement the human workforce in areas of high repetition. Repetitive motions over long periods of time can put strain on the human body and result in injury and time out of work; Health and Safety Executive (HSE) estimated that 2.6 million working days were lost in 2017/18 from RSI alone.

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Palletising large quantities of inventory? Having an efficient palletising system in place is paramount to operational success. Robotic Palletisers can work around the clock, boosting end-of-line efficiency.

Case Erecting
Case Erecting

Reeco offer a range of Case Erectors to suit your budget and packing requirements. Offering an output of up to 30 cases every minute and demanding only a small amount of floor space, a quick payback is guaranteed.

Case Sealing
Case Sealing

Reeco offer a range of Case Sealers to suit your budget and packing requirements. Offering an output of up to 30 cases every minute and demanding only a small amount of floor space, a quick payback is guaranteed.