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Wrexham based automotive supplier increases recruitment thanks to productivity rise from cobots


The new UR5 station is assisting Rolls Royce operators with the process of mass moment weighing of components.


Established Rotherham based lighting manufacturer ASD, have embraced Industry 4.0 technology and recently installed two 'cobots' onto their street lighting production line. This is a bold move for ASD with concerns that automation will replace jobs, however this couldn't be further from the truth.


The TX20 is designed for high speed pouch application, and is designed to replace operators that are placing pouches on filling lines, and therefore allow the operators to carry out additional tasks.


The two new UR3 Collaborative Robots are assisting the Control Techniques team with pick and placing components onto printed circuit boards.


We're very excited to share this brilliant video filmed by KUKA Robotics of our recent installation at BMW/Mini Oxford. The implementation of this collaborative robot system at the plant, can help prevent strain on workers while cutting cycle times.


The new two UR3 Collaborative Robots are assisting the Ford team with what used to be a highly repetitive manual task; fixing 8 bolts between them per engine, utilising the technology of our Cobolt feeder.


This installation was to automate the fixing process for the ‘Anti Roll Bar’ consisting of four fixings. Historically, this process has always been manually completed, with the plant producing in-excess of 1,000 cars per day, this meant an associate having to manually achieve 4,000 fixings everyday on this part of the line.


Following initial conversations, a demonstration took place to show how a human-robot collaboration (HRC) could speed up this procedure on the packaging line. The initial demonstration was successful, which led to a final project being commissioned. The team at Reeco worked with Mark Smith of Accolade and world leading paper based packaging suppliers; Smurfit Kappa CRP. Smurfit had recently began investing in new factory equipment to speed up their production lines. Reeco worked closely with Smurfit on card configuration, then installed the cobots refining the card positions with the end result of the cobots running successfully.


The Yaskawa human collaborative robot (HC10) is a new generation of robotics that is capable, affordable, versatile, easy to use and built with the industrial strength for which Yaskawa is known. These robots are for customers looking for easy automation, meaning an industrial robot to automate tasks that require it to work in close proximity to humans.