Omron, TM Collaborative Robots

Designed to work with both humans and machines, this robot is the latest in a long line of innovations in automation technology for industrial applications.

Safe and transportable, with built-in vision, this robot allows for quick start-ups and rapid changeovers. Its intuitive software enables the robot to be easily trained to perform almost any task wherever you may need it, freeing your workforce from repetitive tasks and increasing your productivity. Whether you’re working in automotive, semiconductors, secondary packaging for food or cosmetics, the OMRON TM Collaborative Robot is designed to adapt to almost any industry.


The smallest in the product line, the TM 5 comes in two variants which have a reach of 700/900mm, payload of 4/6kg and maximum speed of….


The TM12 collaborative robot is ideal for most applications with a significant reach of 1300mm and payload of 12kg whilst maintaining speed of….


The TM14 is designed for applications which require that extra bit of strength, with a 14kg maximum payload and 1100mm reach, this cobot….