Automatic Screw Feeder

OHTAKE NJR screw feeders are quality robotic screw feeders which can be seamlessly integrated into automated processes for increased efficiency and accuracy in your production.

Having over 20 years of experience in the design and development of screw feeders, OHTAKE are renowned for creating high quality feeders with a wide range of products for different requirements including robotic and manual processes.

Deploying one of the worlds first interchangeable rail systems, OHTAKE are able to cater for most screw presenting processes with one screw feeder being able to handle up to eight kinds of screw diameter.

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NJR-45 Robotic Screw Feeder


Interchangeable rails to accommodate different screws


Robotic screw fixing processes provide consistent results.


Time and cost savings through reducing the need for rework and improved cycle times.


Compatible with hoppers for improved capacity and maximum uptime.

Reference Table of the Specified Screws

NJR Feeder Specifications

NJR Robotic Screw Feeder Demo

See our video of a recent screw fixing application we created for a client. The application utilises several OHTAKE screw feeders to maximise efficiency and ensure a constant supply of screws to the Cobot, allowing operators to attend other tasks before placing new parts onto the jigs.

In settings like this, screw feeders drastically improve process repeatability thereby having a positive impact on the quality of the end product.

Technical specification