Cobot Training

Reeco has been serving a variety of industries with bespoke Cobot applications since we began. Our specialised Cobot training allows us to expand our service further by offering expert knowledge, enabling companies to embrace Cobot automation. Whether you already have collaborative robots or are looking to integrate them, we can provide training to help you get the most out of your investment by maximising your potential. With both basic and advanced programmes available, we offer training which caters those who have no prior knowledge and those looking to build on their existing knowledge.

Our training programmes are able to cover either Universal Robots or Omron TM Cobots.

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Basic Training

Basic Cobot Training

After basic training you will understand the fundamentals of Cobots, covering both hardware and software. This training is designed for those who have no knowledge of Cobots and may need to understand how to create basic applications and perform common tasks.

  • Training length: 1 day
  • No prior knowledge
  • Omron TM / Universal Robots training

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Advanced Training

Advanced Cobot Training

Advanced Cobot training will cover more complex programming scenarios, giving you more in-depth knowledge into relevant topics. This training can be customised to your requirements, allowing you to cover a topic that’s more suitable to your needs.

  • Training Length: Flexible
  • Basic knowledge required
  • Omron TM / Universal Robots training

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