Reeco are able to provide Autonomous Mobile Robots (AMRs) to suit an array of application requirements. Reeco are the official UK solution partner for Omron mobile robots, a leader within mobile robotics with the largest installed base of AMRs in manufacturing, covering 40 countries with over 20 years’ experience.

Ranging from payloads of 60kg up to 1500kg, the LD/HD range of mobile robots covers thousands of application opportunities across all industries. With the Omron Fleet manager, users have centralised management of mobile fleets with up to 100 AMRs.

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Mobile Robots

Omron LD-60/90

LD 60-90 Mobile Robot

The LD-60 and LD-90 are the smallest of the Omron mobile robot range, offering 60-90kg payloads respectively. Perfect for operations that currently have high volumes of low payload collection and delivery.

Omron LD-250

LD 250 Mobile Robot

Offering a payload of 250kg, the Omron LD-250 is the perfect middle ground for those requiring a mobile solution with a little more power, suitable for any number of material movement tasks.

Omron HD-1500

HD 1500 Mobile Robot

The biggest of the series, the HD-1500 is suited to heavier tasks with a maximum payload of 1500kg. The HD-1500 is the perfect solution for tasks such as warehousing and end of line pallet handling.

Payload – Payload capabilities from 60 – 1500kg to suit different transport requirements and applications.

Management – Fleet management system to centrally manage up to 100 robots in a single fleet.

Agile – Self-mapping and ‘Free’ movement allow AMRs to reroute and find the best path to a given point.

ESD Models – ESD models are available for transportation of electronic goods to combat electrostatic discharge.

What are Autonomous Mobile Robots ?

Autonomous Mobile Robots, commonly referred to as AMR’s, are mobile robots that can navigate freely without the use of wire, tape or reflectors unlike Autonomous Guided Vehicles (AGVs). AMRs use scanners and sensors to automatically map areas and use natural surroundings to plan optimal routes, rerouting for additional obstacles on the fly.

AMRs are a smart alternative to AGVs, not obliged to follow a given route and instead choosing the best path to get to a given point, ensuring they are continuously operational and not easily prone to being blocked.

  • Operate like a taxi
  • Available on call
  • Choses shortest route
  • Uses existing infrastructure
  • Flexible fleet
  • Operate like a tram
  • Fixed schedule
  • Fixed Route
  • Based on guiding technology
  • Fixed fleet

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Benefit of Omron AMR Robots – Enterprise Manager

The Omron enterprise manager is a hardware and software solution that is home to a suite of tools for simple management of mobile units and access to data. Home to the Fleet Simulator and Fleet Manager, factories are able to test configurations before deployment and manage hybrid fleets. The enterprise manager is interfaced by the mobile planner, a simple interface which allows users to control everything via PC and tablet.

Fleet Manager – Centralised AMR management and control

Factory managers have constant pressure to meet a variety of improvement goals for their factory. The fleet management system is tailored to ensure best in class mobile robot management and provide built-in data capture, analytics and reporting to enable factories to optimise the performance of the overall factory as well as their Omron fleet.

  • Skill administration
  • Job assignment
  • Control hybrid fleets
  • Automatically coordinate traffic flows
  • Automatic charge management

Industries first Mobile Robot Simulator

The industries first mobile robot simulator, the Omron Fleet Simulator allows you to optimize and validate your fleet before deployment. Plan traffic and workflows for fleets of autonomous mobile robots so you can identify potential bottlenecks and optimise workflows without ever having to deploy a physical robot.

  • Simulate up to 10 robots, in up to 3 different fleets
  • Assess impact of map change, scaling, routes and software updates
  • Visualise robot path planning and interaction
  • Simulate environments based on real-world facilities
  • Identify bottlenecks
  • Validate third-part software

Simulations can be used to show how different factory scenarios affect robot utilisation and charging schedules. Accurately determine how many Mobile Robots will be needed to perform specific applications without ever deploying a physical robot.

Once a fleet and Enterprise Manager have been deployed, the purchase of an additional simulator licence allows any proposed fleet expansion to be simulated alongside a working system.

Are you looking to validate AMRs for your operations? Utilising the fleet simulator, Reeco can test mobile robots in your facility without ever deploying one.

Mobile Planner – Tablet & PC

The Omron mobile planner is the control centre of your AMR operations, and is now available on tablet. With PC versions for more thorough configurations, the tablet version allows you to complete routine actions and health checks on the go.

  • AMR location and status in colour-coded map
  • Real time alerts
  • Robot coordinates, battery levels and travel speed
  • Job counts in current job queue
Omron Mobile Planner

Interested in a demo? We have inhouse capabilities for simulations.

Mobile Robotic Solutions & Applications

Mobile Robots are used to transport payloads, and even complete more complex tasks with additional onboard systems such as a Cobot arm. Much like Cobots mobile robots can be equipped with ‘tooling’ to complete a desired task, opening doors to a number of material transport applications. Reeco have the inhouse capabilities to design and manufacture bespoke AMR add-ons to suit any application.

Mobile Robot Applications


Warehousing is a prime example of where mobile robot excel, offering an automated solution to a task which revolves around the movement and transport of goods. The HD-1500 mobile robot can be equipped to unload palletisers, taking completed pallets to a warehouse before replenishing with an empty pallet, creating a fully autonomous end of line packing and warehousing operation.

Did you know we have a palletising system which is compatible with the HD-1500 Mobile Robot?

Mobile Robots and Palletiser
AMR Roller Top


Material movement can be time consuming, mobile robots can automate delivery and sorting of raw material to operators, parcel sortation for distribution centres and inventory management. Conveyor tops make material movement easy, transport boxes, bagged parcels, trays and other items, reducing time wasted walking from A to B.


Order collection accounts for a huge proportion of time and cost attributed e-commerce sales. ‘Picking’ is a necessary process within order collection, though it’s a non-value added task and as such any additional time spent completing these tasks are at a loss to the company. By Deploying a fleet of mobile robots, operatives can be afforded additional time for packing orders, reducing mistakes and increasing throughput.

Mobile Robot Cart

Omron AMR Brochure

Mobile Robots Brochure

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