Official OHTAKE UK Distributors

Reeco are pleased to announce that we are the official UK distributors of OHTAKE products.

With over 20 years of experience in the design and development of screw feeders, OHTAKE are renowned for creating high quality feeders with a wide range of products for different requirements including both manual and robotic processes.

Deploying one of the worlds first interchangeable rail systems, OHTAKE are able to cater for most screw presenting processes with one screw feeder being able to handle up to eight kinds of screw diameter.

As production processes continue to evolve in response to internal and external challenges, screw feeders are becoming more widely adopted. With the ability to improve workflows and working environments for operators by reducing the intensity of assembly tasks and streamlining repetitive processes, screw feeders are enabling businesses to improve their efficiency and productivity whilst compacting operations as we move further into the era of the smart factory.

Reeco OHTAKE Partnership

From left, Natalie Glover (Reeco), Noriko Fukushi (OHTAKE)

Having a wide range of products and combinations due to its interchangeable rails, OHTAKE’s screw feeders can be used in a diverse range of applications from robotics to automobile production and electronics assembly.

For more information on the exciting partnership or to enquire about OHTAKE products, contact us.