The Reeco Palletiser

Over the years, Reeco has established itself as a leading integrator of collaborative robots, building and integrating bespoke applications for companies of all sizes, from the food industry to automotive. As we continue to grow our product offering has also expanded to include standalone automation products, from bowl and screw feeders to grippers, force sensors and safety devices.

Our latest venture see’s us collaborate with Omron Industrial Automation to bring a unique plug and play palletising solution to the market. The palletiser, which will utilise Omron products, is being designed and manufactured in house at Reeco by our team of specialist engineers.

Software Becomes the Hardware

Designing automation solutions requires Reeco to continuously develop new ideas to help solve production challenges effectively. As a business who’s core product is expertise, design software is central to our operations, helping bridge the gap between Reeco and the customer by allowing us to create 3D models that emulate the final product.

Creating the palletiser in collaboration with Omron, we needed a software that we could both work with while building the prototype stages and going into the first concept design, second concept design and moving up to the final package that is ready for us to manufacture. SOLIDWORKS allows us to continuously innovate and go through R&D processes to get to that perfect end product.

The RB1200

The RB1200 palletiser is designed to be a flexible, easily deployed palletising solution for end of line palletising processes. With software being developed by experts at Omron, the goal is to create an intuitive system that can be learnt by anyone with no prior experience, providing companies with a system that is simple and effective.

  • Easily deployed and redeployed: Modular design, not fixed to one location, respond to demand
  • Fast and easy to program: Can be programmed with no prior knowledge through intuitive user friendly interface
  • Space saving: Compact design, no caged cell required, flexible safety design
  • Versatile: Easy to switch from product to product

Looking for a Palletising Solution?

Due to be launched in the coming months, Reeco will be offering free trials of customer products, allowing you to validate palletising as a solution for your business. Please contact us to discuss a potential palletising solution: 01686 621 138 /

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