Reeco Appoints CME as Approved Partner

CME Limited Agrees Technology Partnership with Reeco Automation Limited

CME Limited and Reeco Automation Limited have today announced an Approved Partner agreement under which CME Limited will have access to Reeco Automation’s RB1200 Cobot Palletising System for stand-alone sales, or integration within the turnkey packaging and automation solutions designed and manufactured by the company.

CME Limited provides packaging and automation solutions to businesses across a number of sectors including; Consumer Goods, Pharmaceutical, Medical, Food & Beverage, Industrial Automation, Tobacco & Cannabis.

Reeco Automation Limited is a Cobot specialist who develops small footprint alternatives to traditional automated solutions, such as palletising and case packing. By partnering with leading companies like CME, Reeco is able to serve the market through trusted and experienced automation specialists.

Both companies provide bespoke solutions to their respective markets and the product ranges manufactured by each company are complementary in many application areas. This Approved Partner agreement will allow CME Limited to take advantage of this compact and innovative Collaborative Robot based palletising solution.

CME’s Head of Sales for Automation – Ian Marks commented: “We are delighted to have agreed Approved Partner status with Reeco Automation Limited for their RB1200 Palletising System. This compact and innovative Collaborative Robot based system complements our own range of packaging and automation technologies, and provides a flexible, efficient, and cost-effective end of line palletising solution.”

Reeco Automation Limited’s Technical Sales – Gareth Pugh said: “CME Limited are recognised both here in the UK and Internationally for their pedigree and expertise in packaging and automation solutions, and therefore represent the ideal partner for our business and our Collaborative Robot based technology. The synergy between our two companies is a sound basis for a successful partnership.”

Reeco CME

Ian Marks, CME Head of Sales (Left) & Gareth Pugh, Reeco Technical Sales (Right)

RB1200 Palletiser

CME will not only promote the RB1200 Palletising System as a stand-alone product within the company’s comprehensive range, but also integrate the technology where appropriate as an end of line solution within their turnkey systems. Both companies will also operate a mutual referral policy.

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Case Packing

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