Cobot Automation Case Studies

Cobots are quickly becoming more and more popular with businesses of all sizes due to the benefits they offer and their ease of deployment. The small, flexible robots allow SME’s to remain competitive and larger businesses to respond to changes, improve efficiencies and reduce costs.

Reeco has worked with a number of companies in a variety of industries, installing over 70 bespoke automation solutions in the last four years, take a look at some of our Cobot applications/case studies below.


Two RB1200 single-bay palletisers working alongside each other in a factory environment, using gripper attachments to place SRP boxes.

At Strathmore Foods, two Reeco RB1200s work alongside each other, at the end of two production lines. Shown on the left, tape seal boxes are palletised with a vacuum attachment, and on the right, hooded SRPs containing ready meals are palletised using a gripper attachment.

Quick, accurate, and reliable. Watch how this Reeco RB200 high speed cobot palletiser quad-packs cases of fragile cakes at a rate of 22 per minute, inserting cards in-between each layer, too.

The Reeco RB2000 palletiser configured for high-speed packing of SRP (Shelf-ready packaging). This installation is used to palletise Aldi boxes for a ready meals company in Scotland.

The Reeco RB2000 palletiser configured for high-speed packing of SRP (Shelf-ready packaging). This installation is used to palletise Aldi boxes for a ready meals company in Scotland.

The Reeco RB1200 palletiser shown here has been integrated with a SOMIC case packer, packing boxes of cheese accurately and efficiently.

The Reeco RB1200 palletising Mr Kipling icing in tape-sealed boxes for Premier Foods at a rate of 13 cases per minute.

Case packing

The Reeco CP1200 Case Packer packing drums of vinegar into boxes on a fully-integrated line. The drums are moved from a case erector to this case packer, before moving onto a case sealer and palletiser.

Developed by Reeco, the CP1200 Case Packer is a versatile case packing system, perfect for packing boxes and trays in end-of-line packing processes. From single and dual arm cells, to single and multi-pick configurations, the CP1200 can be modified to meet different production throughputs and packing patterns as required. Its compact design demands reduced floor space, making it an attractive solution to producers of all sizes.

Designed in collaboration with Omron, the CP1200 Case Packer is a high throughput, compact alternative to traditional packing systems. With reduced operational complexity, it offers a flexible and versatile solution to the packaging process that can be quickly changed to suit a variety of product lines. With 1200 cycles per hour, the CP1200 provides the packing throughput you need to keep up with production and get your goods ready for shipping. With an inverted design in dual or single arm models, the CP1200 decreases the travel time while increasing throughput.

AMR (Autonomous Mobile Robots)

This video demonstrates how an Autonomous Mobile Robot (AMR) pallet mover works with an RB1200 palletiser. In this case, the AMR is an Omron HD1500, carrying pallets in excess of a tonne as part of a trialled fleet that moved up to 50 pallets of cheese per hour. These machines work under the Omron fleet manager system, which coordinates and delegate jobs as required to complete the tasks in the most efficient way.

Smart conveyor

Introducing the Reeco Smart Conveyor. This conveyor system facilitates a fluid flow and accumulation of boxes which feed into the palletiser, palletising an impressive 30 cases every minute. In this scenario, the Smart Conveyor is used to transport boxes of fragile cakes.