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Packing automation is a key ingredient to a winning formula in any manufacturing operation. From primary product packaging to secondary and tertiary outer packaging, all sectors can benefit from the implementation of robotic packaging automation.

Manufacturing challenges such as rising production and staff costs can make it difficult to remain competitive. Robotic automation provides a solution, offering cost and time savings by supplementing the human workforce and automating unfavourable tasks, helping take steps towards maximising a company’s staff while enhancing productivity. Robots in automated packaging also have the added benefit of limiting waste through the repeatable execution of processes with consistent results, providing a measurable output.

Automated Packaging

Robotic Palletizing, Case Packing & Pouch filling

From automated case packing systems, to pouch filling machines and palletizers, packing automation enables manufacturers to boost production, improve quality and enhance production efficiency.


Palletising large quantities of inventory? Having an efficient palletising system in place is paramount to operational success. Robotic Palletisers can work around the clock, boosting end-of-line efficiency.

Case Packing
Case Packing

Unlike traditional automated packing systems, collaborative robots are flexible in their use which enables on-demand production without the need for costly restructuring, also promoting a faster payback.

Pouch Filling

Pouch Filling Machine

Automatic pouch filling systems offer maximum production flexibility, automatically opening and filling pouches. Our TX20 solution is capable of handling a variety of pouches, switching from product to product within minutes.

Case Erecting
Case Erecting

Reeco offer a range of Case Erectors to suit your budget and packing requirements. Offering an output of up to 30 cases every minute and demanding only a small amount of floor space, a quick payback is guaranteed.

Case Sealing
Case Sealing

Reeco offer a range of Case Sealers to suit your budget and packing requirements. Offering an output of up to 30 cases every minute and demanding only a small amount of floor space, a quick payback is guaranteed.

Omron TM12

Packing Automation with Cobots

The rise of Collaborative robots opens new packaging opportunities, enabling companies of all sizes to benefit. Experiencing a surge in popularity within automated packaging, they are becoming a staple of modern manufacturing as we move into the era of the ‘Smart Factory’, a more flexible approach to manufacturing through the digitisation of equipment and processes. Their introduction into smart manufacturing, alongside the rest of the automation processes, opens new possibilities for manufacturers, bringing benefits in productivity, efficiency, quality and customised on-demand production.

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Benefits of Cobot Automated Packaging

Though they unlock a number of their own benefits, the rationale of implementing more traditional industrial robot systems also applies to Collaborative Robots, which because of their small size and flexibility, are enabling SMEs to improve their competitiveness through automated packaging like never before. SMEs are now able to reap benefits which were previously hard to attain such as increased safety, automation flexibility, ease of use and better utilisation of operators.

Flexibility and Control

Move the robots between lines and store multiple programs for quick changeovers, offering on-demand production.

Improved Safety

Designed to work collaboratively with humans, they can be implemented onto lines within close proximity of operators as a means of supplementing the human workforce.


Track and record data, they are capable of providing businesses with more measurable manufacturing data.


Presenting a more user-friendly interface than traditional industrial robots, programming is made intuitive which gives more control to the end user.


Due to their flexibility, full utilisation of the equipment is made easier, resulting in a faster payback, particularly for non-value-added processes such as packaging.

Zero Touch

Offering new packaging automation possibilities, they support the shift toward a ‘Zero Touch’ approach to manufacturing,

Reducing Errors

Built in quality control measures such as barcode / QR code readers can ensure complete accuracy, eliminating any potential for errors.

Omron TM Camera

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Reeco in Packaging Automation

Cobots continue to expand their presence within automated packaging at an increasing pace due to the expanding hardware, software and frameworks that firms such as Reeco continue to offer. Our specialist team of robotic automation experts are highly skilled in the design, manufacture, programming and installation of Cobot systems.

We design and build solutions that fit around your requirements, whether we need to integrate a solution around existing equipment with limited space, or create a solution to support your production goals.

Reeco have extensive knowledge and capabilities that enable us to create solutions that offer the highest quality and accuracy. We provide thorough support before, during and after projects, comprising of dedicated R&D, training and sales departments, as well as proof of concept services which allow you to validate automation ideas without the commitment.