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Pouch filling automation, and pouch filling machines in particular, are becoming increasingly popular with manufacturers of all sizes. Pouch filling machines help increase production efficiencies by automatically picking, opening, filling and conveying pouches on production lines. With upward trends in sectors such as sports and dietary supplements, pouch filling machines are becoming more widely adopted to help keep up with the increasing demand.

Robotics are being integrated into operations such as pouch filling as a more flexible alternative to hard automation within packaging machinery. The integration of robotics supports a flexible, on-demand approach to equipment and processes which enables manufacturers to remain agile and respond to market change.

TX20 Pouch Filling Machine

Cobot Pouch Filling Machines

Cobots are continuing to improve in popularity amongst manufacturers due to the new automation possibilities they open up, as well as the additional flexibility provided as a result of their size and safety features. Cobots make integrating robots into ‘middle of line’ production, with another packaging machine or alongside operators, much easier as they offer automation benefits like increased throughput and consistency whilst saving space when compared to other forms of robotics.

UR3 cobot
UR Tech Pendant

Supporting Production Flexibility

Cobots have been designed around the end-user, with many Cobot brands coming with their own intuitive programming interface, introduced to combine functionality into one location which enables changes on the fly. Smart software has made the adoption of Cobots much more attractive, giving manufacturers full control over their systems. Progressively moving towards flexible manufacturing with the adoption of on-demand technology such as Cobots, manufacturers are becoming more capable of responding to changes in market demand without the need for huge investment in equipment and restructuring.

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Reeco TX20 Cobot Pouch Systems

Specialists in Cobot automation, Reeco continue to research the best ways to leverage Cobot automation technology to allow businesses to reap benefits. From bespoke tooling to peripheral machine equipment such as Robot bases, Reeco use inhouse expertise to integrate Cobots seamlessly with your processes, products and machines to ensure the best results.

The TX20 was designed by Reeco to offer a high-speed robotic alternative to pouch filling machines. The TX20 is small, compact and effective, offering up to 20 packs per minute and quick changeover of products, with operators only having to load empty pouches into the machine.

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Case Packing


High Speed Dual Cobot System

The Reeco TX20 is a dual Cobot machine that deploys two UR3 Cobots, which due to their small size take up little space and are capable of working simultaneously on the same task within close proximity of each other. The UR3 Cobot offers class leading precision and speed for its size, which when paired up with another UR3 allows manufacturers to reap significant automation benefits within tight space scenarios by cutting down waiting time and maximising productivity.

The TX20’s dual Cobot approach is a proven solution. Reeco have integrated several Cobot solutions within different industries that utilise dual UR3’s, from Electronics Assembly to Bolt Fixing.

Dual Cobot Bolt Fixing

Custom Magazine for a Variety of Pouches

Reeco developed a custom magazine which enables the robotics to pick, open and present pouches to a dispensing machine. The magazine is adjustable for a variety of pouch sizes and easily altered to suit your products.

The dual Cobot application alongside the quick pouch dispensing system allows the TX20 to fill pouches with little down time, with the robots queuing one after the other in a continuous cycle.

TX20 Pouch Magazine

Reeco can create bespoke systems for a variety of products.

Omron TM12 Cobot

Why Choose Reeco for your Machine?

Why choose Reeco? Reeco are Cobot experts, specialists in delivering real manufacturing value through innovative robotic solutions to existing processes. From initial concept, to manufacture and install, Reeco are a complete solutions provider, offering the full automation solution. We design and build machine that fit your exact specifications, giving you peace of mind that you have the best equipment for the task.

Reeco can identify the most appropriate Cobot applications for you, offering advise on where we could best add value to your operations. To aid in decision making Reeco also offer additional services such as proof-of-concepts which allow you to validate automation ideas without the need to commit to the larger investment.

Additional Service and Support

Reeco aim to provide the highest standard in service and support. From initial discussions to final installation, Reeco offer support at every stage of your projects journey, from proof of concept to sophisticated safety systems, remote access systems and bespoke service packages.

Proof of Concept
Proof of Concept

Reeco offer a proof of concept service to help validate automation ideas and provide reassurance before the beginning of your project, eliminating the need for full commitment – Proof of concepts allow us to do the thinking for you.

Cobot Safety
Cobot Safety

Safety is a critical part of Cobot integration and paramount to a projects success. Though Cobots are typically safer than their industrial counter parts, when equipped with tooling and additional equipment a safety reassessment is required.

Remote Access
Remote Access

Reeco’s remote access solution was specifically introduced to help clients trouble shoot problems efficiently, improving access to support, saving time and reducing maintenance costs. Our remote access system allows you to react to unexpected issues with fast, expert help.