At Reeco Automation we supply customers with solutions in automating systems using Human-Robot Collaboration (HRC/Cobots). We focus on providing the customer with an automated solution that will ultimately save them money and reduce production costs. We offer the customer a solution of integrating collaborative robots with their existing factory equipment and employees. We welcome you to make contact and discuss how robot automation can change your business.

We have a team built of engineers with a wealth of experience in supplying and commissioning robotics into multiple industries.

Reeco Automation is here to support you in the implementation of relevant standards and directives: from an optimum safety strategy to a compliant robot application.

Europe’s No.1 Cobot Automation Company

Risk Assessment

We review your robot application in accordance with the applicable national standards and directives and assess the existing hazards.

Safety Concept

We develop detailed technical solutions for the safety of your robot application through mechanical, electronic and organisational measures.

Safety Design

A detailed planning of the necessary protective measures reduces or eliminates the danger zones of the application.


We ensure conformity with the official requirements, such as CE marking in Europe.

System Integration

The results of the risk assessment and safety concept are implemented to suit the particular requirements through selected safety measures.


Our expert specialist staff review and analyse the risk assessment and safety concept and perform collision measurement in accordance with the limit values laid down in ISO/TS 15066.

Safety Standards

ISO/TS 15066:2016 specifies safety requirements for collaborative industrial robot systems and the work environment, and supplements the requirements and guidance on collaborative industrial robot operation given in ISO 10218‑1 and ISO 10218‑2.

ISO/TS 15066:2016 applies to industrial robot systems as described in ISO 10218‑1 and ISO 10218‑2. It does not apply to non-industrial robots, although the safety principles presented can be useful to other areas of robotics.

Cobot Safety in Action