Reeco automates the transfer of your products from production line to dispatch. We do so using cobots – collaborative robots – that we have developed through our partnership with Omron to streamline end-of-line material handling.

TM and UR on RB Base

Reeco was founded in 2016 by our Managing Director, Llewelyn Rees. With over 20 years of experience in the automation and robotics industry, he saw how cobots could transform the end-of-line processes of companies in the UK and beyond.

Offering turnkey automation that provided a swift return on investment, Reeco quickly won orders and awards. We became the first company to install cobots at the BMW Mini factory in Oxford and won a prestigious Henry Ford Award for our part in introducing cobots to the Ford production line in Bridgend.

We achieved rapid growth by delivering maximum efficiency gains whilst insisting on the highest safety standards where cobots and people work in proximity together. Our success caught the attention of Omron, the market-leading manufacturer of automation technology, who selected us to join the Omron Solution Partner (OSP) network in 2019.

This collaboration has quickly borne fruit through the joint development of our flagship product, the palletising cobot. Building on the success of this, we have applied the same innovation to all stages of end-of-line material handling, including case erecting, case packing, autonomous pallet movement, and more besides.

Omron Solution Partner
A Few of Our Clients

Reeco works with manufacturers of all sizes across the UK and Europe to improve productivity and efficiency through end-of-line automation. Our automation solutions typically pay for themselves within 12 months, so get in touch if you would like to discuss how they could benefit your company.