Robotic Case Packing systems are the perfect solution for packaging operations, from single robots to multiple robots and single pick to multiple pick, robots can be designed to meet different production throughput and packaging patterns required.

Cobot Case Packing Systems

The introduction of Cobot case packers has allowed for new automation approaches. Due to their size and integrated safety features, Cobot case packing systems are able to work with and around operators, creating a more dynamic workforce of both humans and robots working flexibly and collaboratively to meet demand. Cobots can be deployed directly onto the case packing production line without the need for extensive restructuring, supplementing the human workforce and reducing the amount of unfavourable manual work.

Case Packing
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Benefits of Cobot Case Packaging

Utilising robots for case packing helps simplify production lines through the collation of product programs, improved access and unmatched flexibility. Thanks to their ability to equip several tooling solutions, robots are capable of case filling in most environments. A different variety of robotic arms can be used to suit each application, from the higher payload Omron TM14 to the smaller, shorter reaching Universal Robots UR3.

Omron TM14

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Production efficiency

Robotic Automation supports measurable and consistent throughput, enabling greater production control and efficiency.

Deployment Flexibility

Cobots were introduced to be a dynamic source of automation, offering safety features that allow them to share space with operators, combined with a small footprint for an array of integration possibilities.

Equipment Versatility

Less moving parts involved with robotic systems when compared to traditional systems, enhancing overall reliability and also making them easier to repurpose.

Reduced Risk of RSI

Cobots are able to supplement the human workforce, reducing the amount of unfavourable manual work and allowing operators to prioritise tasks that require human dexterity.

Universal Robots UR3
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Robotic Flexibility in Automatic Case Packers Today

Over the years as the digitisation of shopping and the consumer desire for choice/convenience has rocketed, case packing trends move towards high SKU variability, resulting in manufacturers responding with more flexible approaches to case automation.

The latest generation of packaging technology has innovated to support the flexible factory of the future, offering on-demand automation. Combining product flow and pattern building in an innovative manner, the new generation of case packing automation reduces machine complexity while increasing reliability and format flexibility.

As manufacturers select their next case packaging lines, it’s important to choose something that is able to respond to the ever-changing packaging requirements we are faced with.

Advanced Robotics

Where traditional case packers use hard automation, chains, cams, pneumatic pushers etc, the latest generation of automatic case packers use more advanced technology, leveraging robotics, vision systems and smart software, which is more adaptable and enables manufacturers to detect and correct problems on the go.

Innovation and Flexibility

Along with their improved reliability, robots combine technologies and present controls in an innovative manner. The introduction of smart software, which continues to improve in parallel with robotics, equips manufacturers with ultimate production flexibility, controlling everything from one location. Smart software is much more intuitive than the systems used with traditional equipment, making it easier to train staff and ensure the system is always up and running.

Additional Service and Support

Reeco aim to provide the highest standard in service and support. From initial discussions to final installation, Reeco offer support at every stage of your projects journey, from proof of concept to sophisticated safety systems, remote access systems and bespoke service packages.

Proof of Concept
Proof of Concept

Reeco offer a proof of concept service to help validate automation ideas and provide reassurance before the beginning of your project, eliminating the need for full commitment – Proof of concepts allow us to do the thinking for you.

Proof of Concept
Cobot Safety
Cobot Safety

Safety is a critical part of Cobot integration and paramount to a projects success. Though Cobots are typically safer than their industrial counter parts, when equipped with tooling and additional equipment a safety reassessment is required.

Cobot Safety
Remote Access
Remote Access

Reeco’s remote access solution was specifically introduced to help clients trouble shoot problems efficiently, improving access to support, saving time and reducing maintenance costs. Our remote access system allows you to react to unexpected issues with fast, expert help.

Remote Access