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Robotic palletizing addresses fluctuating production requirements, offering an on-demand solution to end-of-line automation, enabling you to better control costs and increase the quality of packaged goods. Robotic palletizers are a cost-effective method of improving production while decreasing overheads.

Manually stacking boxes onto pallets can be time consuming, and in many cases expensive when you consider that packaging / end-of-line processes are often non-value-added tasks. Manually stacking pallets also places stress on workers and presents a risk of repetitive strain injury (RSI).

Robotic Palletizer

Why Automate with Robotic Palletizers?

The first mechanised palletizer was developed and installed in 1948, since them palletizers have advanced to include robot variations and their popularity has seen them be heavily adopted across many sectors such as Food & Beverage, FMCG (Fast Moving Consumer goods) and Packaging.

Mechanised systems require significantly more space than the modern robot variants, this is due to the need for a series of conveyors used to orient products before palletising. Robots excel at manipulating product; their operational flexibility reduces the conveying required while also allowing them to perform additional tasks such as presenting boxes/trays to a barcode reader before palletising.

Take End of Line Automation to the next level with the RB1200.
Palletiser Deployment

Industrial or Collaborative Palletizing Robot?

While robotic palletizers have been around for some time now, Collaborative Robots (Cobots) are the latest introduction into the palletizing market. Cobot palletizers offer a different automation solution, opening doors to a wider range of robot applications due to their size and flexibility. While conventional robot systems take a more static approach to automation, their Cobot counterparts are diverse and support a more flexible method of manufacturing, moving from line to line and product to product with relative ease.

Just as much as hardware supports flexible manufacturing, the software developed for Cobots is much more intuitive which provides greater automation accessibility to those companies with less technical recourses, enabling them to program on the fly.

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What are the advantages of Robotic Palletizing?

Robots are a versatile and future proof automation solution, the rationale for their adoption within other manufacturing scenarios also applies to palletising. Robots are inherently flexible, offering an endless number of automation opportunities, allowing them to be integrated and repurposed where required. Pair this with their ability to support a variety of tooling options, from market ready tooling to bespoke tooling solutions, robots are capable of picking and palletising most products, from boxes and bags to trays and tubs. Here are some of the advantages of a system like our RB1200 Palletizer:

60% smaller footprint

Robots are adaptable to their environment, allowing for the integration around existing equipment and processes. Cobot palletizing is the latest offering, with modular designs like the RB1200 commanding up to 60% less floor space than conventional industrial systems.

Fast Payback

Combining reduced cost with the production flexibility of a modular robot system, solutions such as the RB1200 are capable of delivering much quicker payback than conventional system due to how easy they are to utilise.

Rapid Product Changeovers

Store multiple pallet programs in one system, supporting flexible production for manufacturers in all industries.

50% Lower Cost

Offering a cost reduction of up to 50%, Cobot alternatives such as the RB1200 can dramatically reduce initial investment required to begin automating your end-of-line processes.

High Specification Solutions

Robot Palletizer systems can be built around your specifications, providing a highly customisable automation solution that perfectly fits your operations and production requirements.

Robot Safety Solutions

Robot innovations have provided the market with advanced safety products which can be integrated in a number of ways to best suit each given application. Cobots also have some built in safety features which equip them with more configuration possibilities.

Palletizer Safety
RB1200 Palletizer Dimensions
The RB1200 is a cost-effective market ready palletizing solution.

Production Flexibility: Robot Automation and Consumer Demand for Products

As industries continue to modernise, more and more emphasis is placed on the importance of production flexibility. Being one of the key stakeholders in influencing business decisions, consumers are continuing to influence market direction through changes in habit, the way they shop and the desire for choice. The digitisation of shopping has also shifted consumer expectations of brands, with convenience and speed being two of the biggest consumer decision making influences.

The latest innovations in robot automation support the shift towards a flexible production environment, offering on-demand changes to production. Cobot palletizers have been introduced into the market to assist with the end-of-line flexibility, giving complete production control to manufacturers. Modular designs such as the RB1200 allow for the redeployment of equipment within minutes, supporting a dynamic production environment.

Smart Software: An Automation Case for SME’s

While robot technology advances, their accessibility continues to improve. In recent times there have been many advancements in smart software, allowing for greater production flexibility. Smart software sees robots lend themselves to a simpler programming platform, giving operators the ability to access and benefit from all the funtionality of the robot without the need for expert engineer support, limiting any down time and better utilising operator resources.

RB1200 Programming
Additional Service and Support

Reeco aim to provide the highest standard in service and support. From initial discussions to final installation, Reeco offer support at every stage of your projects journey, from proof of concept to sophisticated safety systems, remote access systems and bespoke service packages.

Proof of Concept
Proof of Concept

Reeco offer a proof of concept service to help validate automation ideas and provide reassurance before the beginning of your project, eliminating the need for full commitment – Proof of concepts allow us to do the thinking for you.

Cobot Safety
Cobot Safety

Safety is a critical part of Cobot integration and paramount to a projects success. Though Cobots are typically safer than their industrial counter parts, when equipped with tooling and additional equipment a safety reassessment is required.

Remote Access
Remote Access

Reeco’s remote access solution was specifically introduced to help clients trouble shoot problems efficiently, improving access to support, saving time and reducing maintenance costs. Our remote access system allows you to react to unexpected issues with fast, expert help.