Reeco offer a range of Case Erectors to suit your budget and packing requirements. Partnered with Lantech, leaders in case equipment with over 85,000 machines installed, we have a comprehensive range of erectors that suit taped, glued, crash-lock and auto-lock boxes.

Offering an output of up to 30 cases every minute and demanding only a small amount of floor space, a quick payback is guaranteed. Producing reliably square cases, case erectors are an important component in successful secondary packaging and smooth end of line processes.

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Automatic Case Erector

High Performance – Offering throughputs of up to 30 cartons per minute, production requirements are easily met with Lantech Equipment.

Safe to Deploy – In addition to the ergonomic system design, safety features allow them to be seamlessly integrated without concern.

Ease of use – A simple design is the most effective design, it allows for easy changeovers combine with ergonomic loading for production flexibility.

Reliability – Overcoming issues of jamming, Lantech case erectors are designed to be flawlessly reliable, enabling you to keep your line moving.

What is a Case Erector?

A Case Erector is a piece of packaging machinery which automatically forms, folds and seals corrugated boxes from flatpack inserts, dispensing boxes which are sealed at the bottom and ready to pack. Automatic case erectors enhance the packing process by producing reliably square boxes, improving product protection, and ensuring palletising processes are simplified.

Deployment of a case erector significantly improves product throughput, with cases being erected far quicker than the manual alternative, operators also no longer need to stop packing to build their boxes.

Advantages of Case Erecting

Do you currently have a manual packing process with hand erected boxes? Case erectors can help transform your operations. By deploying a case erecting machine you can dramatically reduce labour through improvement of production speeds by allocating more time to the packing process, with the erection of cases never slowing you down. Hand erected boxes are prone to defects and a lack of consistency, this can be eliminated entirely.

  • Square Cases
  • Improved product protection
  • Increased throughput
  • Simplify palletising processes
C3000 Tape Case Erector

Interested in streamlining your packing processes?

Square Cases & No Jams

Case erectors produce perfectly square cases without jamming and halting your production. There are barriers to erecting square cases such as thickness of material, temperature and humidity changes and variations in blanks which prevents square erection and potentially leads to jamming.

Lantech case erectors overcome these issues through precise case management and 100% control of cases throughout the entire erecting process, ensuring your packaging performs as it should with maximum efficiency.

Square Boxes

Why Square Cases are Important

Square cases perform better. Fact: Cases lose 30% of their stacking strength if their sides are not aligned.

As well as preserving packaging strength, square cases ensure downstream operations such as tape sealing and palletising are simplified as much as possible, providing you with the best possible scenario.

Want to improve your stacking strength by 30%?

How do Case Erectors Work?

1 – Carton blanks are loaded into the magazine which feeds them toward the pickup frame via conveyor.

2 – A special separator releases the first sheet blank to the pickup frame.

3 – To ensure right-angled case erecting, eight vacuum-powered suction cups grip the blank on two sides, automatically forming the case shape.

4 – Once held square, the bottom flaps are folded before the carton is moved, locking the corners at 90 degrees and ensuring rigidity.

5 – Cases are then pushed toward a tape sealer which seals the bottom of the case before the erected carton is dispensed.

Multi-Case Case Erector

What Types of Case Erector are there?

The type of boxes you use doesn’t limit your opportunity for automatic case erecting. Lantech have a comprehensive range of erectors which allow for automatic erection of alternative box types such as crash-lock and auto-lock boxes. For standard carton blanks, in addition to conventional tape sealing, hotmelt (glue) sealing is another option for those who require.

  • Crash-lock
  • Auto-Lock
  • Tape Sealed
  • Glue Sealed
  • Multi-case
Case Erector Buying Guide
Case Size Guide
Lantech Case Erectors

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Palletising large quantities of inventory? Having an efficient palletising system in place is paramount to operational success. Robotic Palletisers can work around the clock, boosting end-of-line efficiency.

Case Packing
Case Packing

Unlike traditional automated packing systems, collaborative robots are flexible in their use which enables on-demand production without the need for costly restructuring, also promoting a faster payback.

Case Sealing
Case Sealing

Reeco offer a range of Case Sealers to suit your budget and packing requirements. Offering an output of up to 30 cases every minute and demanding only a small amount of floor space, a quick payback is guaranteed.