Reeco offer a range of Case Sealers for different budget and process requirements. Partnered with Lantech, global leaders in packaging equipment with over 85,000 machines installed, we have a comprehensive range of box tapers and gluers to streamline your case sealing processes.

Offering an output of up to 30 cases every minute and demanding only a small amount of floor space, a quick payback is guaranteed. Producing reliably square cases, improving product protection and simplifying palletising processes, case sealers are an important component in efficient end-of-line packaging.

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Automatic Case Sealer

High Performance – Offering impressive throughputs of up to 30 boxes per minute, production requirements are easily met with Lantech equipment.

Safe to Deploy – In addition to the ergonomic system design, safety features allow them to be seamlessly integrated without concern.

Compact Design – Demanding only a small amount of floor space, Lantech sealers are easily deployed and a quick payback is guaranteed.

Reliability – Boxes are always formed uniform and square, protecting your products and simplifying palletising processes.

What is a Case Sealer?

Case Sealing is one of the last few steps in the packing process for most production operations, typically followed by labelling and finally palletising. Case Sealers are pieces of packaging equipment which automate this process by folding and sealing the flaps on packed boxes, preparing them for shipment.

Case Sealers enhance the packing process significantly, reducing the operational costs of a non-value-added task, improving product protection and ensuring square & uniform boxes for simplified pallet stacking.

Advantages of a Case Sealer?

If you currently have a manual case sealing process, you could be missing out on significant financial and operational benefits automation has to offer. Case sealing is a non-value-added process, and as such any additional time or materials which are attributed to these tasks are at a loss to the manufacturer. Benefits of automation such as repeatability and consistency mean reductions in waste, unnecessary handling and dramatically improved product throughput.

  • Square Cases
  • Reduced Waste
  • Improved Throughput
Automatic Box Taper

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How do Case Sealers Work?

1 – Box guides direct boxes into the system, holding them firm and square.

2 – Boxes are driven to an arm which pushes the outer flap(s) inwards.

2.1 – For hot melt systems, adhesive┬áis dispensed at this step, before finally pressing the outer flaps into place and sealing.

3 – Two guides push the outer flaps down, closing the lid.

4 – The box continues to the tape sealer, the handover completed with a metal guide keeping the lid closed, before receiving a layer of tape across the seam.

5 – While tape is dispensed, rollers simultaneously apply pressure to the taped seam, creating a strong seal.

What Types of Case Sealer are there?

Reeco offer a range of Lantech case sealers which accommodate a variety of box and seal types. From uniform size and random size cases to tape and glue sealed boxes, case sealers can be used in a wide array of packing operations.

CS 1000 Box Gluer
CS 1000 Box Taper
Automatic Box Taper
Automatic Case Sealer

Box Tapers

Box tapers automate manual tape sealing processes, giving greater consistency and a better seal. Box tapers apply one consistent and accurate layer of tape across the open seam of boxes, reducing the amount of potential over handling and excess taping found with manual tape sealing, saving time and reducing waste.

Uniform Case Sealer

For packing lines and processes which used standardised cartons, uniform case sealers are a cost-effective solution to sealing, guaranteeing a quick ROI. Uniform case sealers demand a small footprint while offering impressive outputs of up to 30 cartons per minute. These case sealers can be easily adjusted by an operator for different size boxes to accommodate production changes.

Box Gluers (Hot Melt Sealing)

Box gluers use a hot melt adhesive to seal the seam of boxes, providing a rigid seal to support heaver loads. Using automated methods to dispense adhesive, gluing patterns are easily standardised with equal amounts every time, giving the best possible seal with no excess adhesive used. Glue sealers also have a significantly higher capacity which allows them to run for a long time unattended.

Random Case Sealer

Random case sealers offer a centralised alternative to automatic case sealing, allowing manufacturers to centralise the sealing process for multiple packing lines with one machine. Random case sealers automatically adjust for varying size cases, allowing them to be easily used areas where manufacturers have high product / SKU variability which result in different case sizes.

Want to improve your stacking strength by 30%?

Improved Throughputs

Case sealers achieve much higher throughput rates than manual case sealing, overcoming issues such as over-handling. Case sealers have high a capacity, holding more tape / glue, but with equally rapid replenishment, thereby maximising uptime. Also accommodating future growth and scalability, improved throughputs leave wiggle room for increases in production volume.

Did you know Lantech Case Sealers can be fitted with a bypass mode for open top boxes?

Square Boxes

Square & Uniform Cartons

The repeatability offered by automation allows for uniform and consistent production output. Lantech equipment uses unique methods to ensure all cartons are sealed square and at 90 degrees, improving stacking strength up by to 30%, providing greater product protection and optimising palletising processes.

Square cases perform better. Fact: Cases lose 30% of their stacking strength if their sides are not aligned.

Reduced Waste

Automation makes easy work of standardisation, allowing for improved levels of accuracy. Accuracy can assist with making processes more measurable, ensuring only necessary amounts of tape and glue are used, reducing waste levels. Manual alternatives are prone to inconsistencies; box taping by hand may result in additional handling due to the accuracy of application, and similar for gluing with potentially inconsistent amounts and gluing patterns occurring.

Double Tape Handling

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Case Erecting
Case Erecting

Reeco offer a range of Case Erectors to suit your budget and packing requirements. Offering an output of up to 30 cases every minute and demanding only a small amount of floor space, a quick payback is guaranteed.


Palletising large quantities of inventory? Having an efficient palletising system in place is paramount to operational success. Robotic Palletisers can work around the clock, boosting end-of-line efficiency.

Case Packing
Case Packing

Unlike traditional automated packing systems, collaborative robots are flexible in their use which enables on-demand production without the need for costly restructuring, also promoting a faster payback.