Automatic Screw Feeders provide a consistent supply of screws, consistently presenting them in the same location for easy pick up. Not limited to small or large operations, automatic screw feeders are beneficial to any screw driving process, from the larger assembly line to the smaller solo workstation. Their small design allows them to be integrated seamlessly for a quick boost of efficiency. Screw Feeders can be used for both robotic and manual operations, for fully automated or semi-automated screw driving tasks.

OHTAKE – Japanese Quality

Having over 20 years’ experience in the design and development of Automatic Screw Feeders, OHTAKE are renowned for their high Japanese-quality and wide product range which caters to an array of production requirements.

Using a horizontal rail system, OHTAKE’s products support different materials, shapes, workstyles and workpiece dimensions. Their unique design and technology can hugely contribute to production line efficiency.

Resilient to Clogging

Unlike gravity-based mechanisms, OHTAKE’s products utilise vibrations and a horizontal rail to convey screws, eliminating problems such as screw clogging and ensuring reliability.

Increased Speed

Achieve a three to fivefold increase in working speed when compared to manual work with an average feed time of 2 per second.

Supports Standard Tools

No specialised tooling required, use with standard screwdrivers and magnetic screwdriver bits.

Versatile Machines

Supporting numerous screw types via their interchangeable rails; the NSB series supports 8 different screw diameters.

Horizontal Screw Feeder Rail
Special Formats

Supports numerous types of special screws, including those with washers and short under-head lengths.

Part Compatibility

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All Screw Feeders

As the official distributor of OHTAKE screw feeders, Reeco are able to supply a comprehensive range of automatic screw presenting solutions to manufacturers looking for robotic or manual options.

NJ / NJR Series
NJ / NJR Series
  • Supported Diameter: M2.0 – M5.0
  • Supported Length: Longest 18-25mm
  • Capacity: 150cc
NSB / NSR Series
NSB / NSR Series
  • Supported Diameter: M1.0 – M3.0
  • Supported Length: Longest 20mm
  • Capacity: 80cc
NSBI / NSRI Series
NSBI / NSRI Series
  • Supported Diameter: M1.0 – M3.0
  • Supported Length: Longest 20mm
  • Capacity: 80cc
OM-26M / OM-26R Series
High Speed / Capacity Iron-Screw Presenter
  • Supported Diameter: M2.0 – M6.0
  • Supported Length: Longest 25mm
  • Capacity: 300cc
SSI-M / SSI-R Series
Slim Screw Feeder
  • Supported Diameter: M1.0 – M3.0
  • Supported Length: Longest 16mm
  • Capacity: 40cc
LS / LV / LF Series
LS / LV / LF Series
Large, Longneck Feeder
  • Supported Diameter: M3.0 – M8.0
  • Supported Length: Longest 25/50mm
  • Capacity: 1000 – 1300cc
MSF Series
MSF Series
Micro Screw Feeder
  • Supported Diameter: S0.5 – S1.0
  • Supported Length: Longest 5mm
  • Capacity: 15cc
FM Series
Fixed Quantity Pick-up
  • Supported Diameter: M3.0 – M6.0
  • Supported Length: Longest 25mm
  • Capacity: 150cc
BS Series
Pneumatic Feeder
  • Supported Diameter: M2.0 – M6.0
  • Supported Length: Longest 12/14/25mm
  • Capacity: 80 – 1300cc

Automatic: BS-LBS-PBS-RBS-S

Fixed Qty: BS-CLBS-CS

Screw Hoppers

Extend the uptime of your screw feeder by increasing the capacity with a hopper. A sensor detects the screw stock to automatically feed the optimal amount of screws.

SR-80 / NJ-80
SR-80 / NJ-80 Screw Hopper
Rear Attaching Impeller Type
  • Capacity: 800cc approx
  • Supported Length: 18/20/25mm
  • Compatible Screw Sizes: M1.0 – M6.0
T-510 Screw Hopper
Conveyor Style, Surface-Mounting Type
  • Capacity: 800cc approx
  • Supported Length: Up to 15mm
  • Compatible Screw Sizes: M2.0 – M6.0
MHP-80 Screw Hopper
Magnetic, Rear Attaching
  • Capacity: 800cc approx
  • Supported Length: Up to 25mm
  • Compatible Screw Sizes: M2.0 – M6.0

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Robotic Screw Feeding

The introduction of robotics into assembly processes such as assembly have changed the way we view automation possibilities. Technologies such as Cobots overcome many of the production challenges we previously faced, hitting a perfect mid-range of reach and payload which are more comparable to that of a human operator, making them easier to integrate onto an assembly line along with equipment such as screw feeders for automatic screw tightening processes.

Manual processes in areas such as electronics can be problematic due to the small fastenings used, this can lead to production inconsistencies. Robotic screw feeders, when integrated correctly with the appropriate technology, can help relieve these issues and streamline production.

NJR-45 Screw Feeder

Screw Feeder Demo

See our video of a recent robotic screw tightening application we developed for a client, utilising a Cobot and the NJR OHTAKE screwfeeder which is an all-round performer. The full application utilises multiple screw feeders for different production scenarios, allowing for on-demand production of appropriate components.

This process involved the tightening of many screws, thus automating it increased the levels of consistency and provided the manufacturer with a more measurable cycle time whilst utilising operators for more valuable tasks.

Manual Screw Feeding

For those manufacturers whose processes are better suited to manual operation, screw feeders are beneficial here also. Screws can be small and fiddly to work with, making them particularly problematic overtime as productivity dwindles and output becomes less consistent. Screw feeders can compliment manual processes, perfectly supplementing human workers by eliminating issues of repeatability.

Channelled pick up points make it effortless for operators to pick up screws from the feeder with screwdrivers, simply leaving them to replenish the chamber once empty. Additionally, hoppers can be fitted to increase the capacity and improve uptime.

Manual Screw Feeder Pick up

Discuss a fully automated screw tightening solution.

Benefits of Automatic Screw Feeders

Screw feeders have a simplistic design for quick integration into any most processes, simply position the feeder in the best place and hit the power switch. Screws can be added to the scooping chamber in bulk for simple refills, hoppers are also available to extend the uptime of the feeder.

Manual and Automatic Screw Feeding

Both manual and automatic screw feeding systems can be catered to with OHTAKE products. Robotic and manual feeders present plenty of choice for those looking for a fully automatic solution, or those looking for a semi-automated solution using manually operated screwdrivers within a solo workstation.

Production Efficiency

With enhanced repeatability comes more consistent throughput and uniform cycle times. A measurable output can be beneficial to management for decision making, as well as helping reduce production bottle necks, errors, failures etc.

Enhanced Repeatability

Consistently presenting screws into a repeatable position greatly enhances production repeatability, saving operators from fumbling with small or large quantities of screws.

Compact Design

Their small size and compact design allow them to be easily deployed into areas with limited worktop space. Multiple feeders can be deployed together for production flexibility and presentation of varying screw types.