Cobolt Feeder

Our Welsh company has launched our very own collaborative robot bolt feeder called the ‘Cobolt’. The Cobolt design is the first of it’s kind on the market, it’s exclusive design and functionality is it’s unique selling point.

The Cobolt has been manufactured to replace bowl feeders and stepper feeders. The Cobolt, utilises the cobots downtime when new parts are being delivered to the cobot.

The collaborative robot system becomes self-sufficient by being able to present it’s own bolts. The Cobolt system is fully adjustable for different size bolts as per the customers requirements.

How It Works

So how does it work? The electromagnet fitted to the robotic arm, will pick bolts from a KLT box and then place into the Cobolt funnel system. The funnel system is fitted with an electro-vibrating motor which funnels the bolts into the correct orientation, the bolts are then ready to be picked by the robot.

No Bolts Available?

If no bolts are available, the robot will automatically clear out the funnel and place next bolts, this ensures the process is 100% repeatable and does not require human intervention.