Robotiq FT 300 Force Torque Sensor

Transform your production process by automating the most advanced force-sensitive application on the market. Program complex robot movements in minutes – no robotics expertise needed. The result is a strong flexible robot cell.

The Robotiq FT 300 is a multi-axis force and torque sensor which enables collaborative robots to perform sensitive tasks. It precisely detects and measured robot contacts in order to improve the robot control as well as simplifying its programming.

Omron with Force Sensor

Increase precision and repeatability

Constant force and stiffness for each axis with stiff metal composition ensuring high accuracy

Intuitive programming interface

Control your force easier using the Copilot software, enter your task, parameters, press play and perform your application

New Automation Opportunities

Automate tasks that would otherwise require the dexterity of the human hand

Adds the sense of touch to your Cobot

Giving your robot the ability to feel allows delicate tasks to be performed with precision

  • Copilot intuitive programming interface
  • Adjustable tool weight based on center of gravity
  • Sensor value resetting
  • Constant force while moving
  • Takes precise, repeatable, and high-resolution measurements
Robotiq Force Sensor Applications
FT 300 Force Torque Sensor Demo

You don’t need experience in robotics to use the Robotiq FT 300 Force Torque sensor. Its intuitive programming interface guides you through the steps to an efficient force-sensitive application.

Take a moment to watch the video to see how the FT 300 can assist you with your projects.