Universal Robots – Collaborative Robots

Universal Robots have three different collaborative robot sizes that are easily integrated into existing production environments. With six articulation points and a wide scope of flexibility, these collaborative robot arms are designed to mimic the range of motion of a human arm.

Their collaborative robots have 3 different payloads 3, 5 and 10 kgs to suit differing application types.

UR3 / UR3E

UR3 cobot

The smallest member of the UR family, the UR3 collaborative robot is the perfect choice for light assembly tasks and jobs that call for absolute precision….

UR5 / UR5E

UR5 Cobot

The UR5 collaborative robot is ideal for automating low-weight processing tasks like picking, placing and testing. The medium-sized robot arm is easy to program…

UR10 / UR10E

UR10 Cobot

The UR10 collaborative robot is the largest robot arm in the UR family and the one with the most muscle power, but the UR10 cobot does not compromise on precision…