UR5 Collaborative Robot

The UR5 collaborative robot is ideal for automating low-weight processing tasks like picking, placing and testing. The medium-sized robot arm is easy to program, fast to set up and, just like the other collaborative members of the UR family, offers one of the fastest payback times in the industry.

The lightweight, flexible UR5 collaborative robot from Universal Robots lets you automate repetitive and dangerous tasks with payloads of up to 5 kg. The UR5 is ideal to optimize low-weight collaborative processes.

UR5 Cobot
UR5 Specifications

UR5 Cobot

Our iconic collaborative robots were built with versatility and adaptability in mind. Lightweight, easily programmable and highly customizable, the UR5 is designed to integrate seamlessly into any production facility regardless of industry, size or product nature.


UR5E Cobot

The latest in our line of collaborative robots, the UR5e empower future-ready change agents with collaborative innovations, a Human Centric UX, and an ecosystem for every application. Get results by changing the way things are made with the most flexible automation platform.