Reeco Appoints European Palletiser Partner

Reeco has appointed its first European partner for the RB1200 palletiser as demand continues to grow.

Reeco has appointed DEMAN as its first approved partner and European distributor for the RB1200 palletiser, operating in Macedonia, Serbia, Montenegro, Kosovo, Albania and Bulgaria. The partnership comes after DEMAN completes a smooth RB1200 integration for a European customer. DEMAN becomes the first Reeco approved partner, a network which aims to expand the reach of the RB1200 Palletiser following growing demand in the UK market.

Llewelyn Rees, Managing Director at Reeco, explains: “By working with approved partners who have a proven track record of system integration, together we are able to offer greater access to solutions and support within new market segments.”

Boban Karajanovski

Boban Karajanovski (Managing Director, DEMAN)

He stresses that the significance of approved partners is more than just a distribution agreement. “It’s about developing relationships that we believe offer more value to our end-users through their industry knowledge and experience. Working with companies such as DEMAN, who have decades of experience in packaging automation, we are able to serve the European market through a trusted and well accomplished integrator, eliminating investment risk and offering enhanced support.”

Operating since 2000, DEMAN supply and integrate automation equipment for a number of different industries, such as: Food & Beverage, Chemical, Pharmaceutical and Tobacco. Specialising in packaging equipment, DEMAN have extensive knowledge of all different types of machines and processes, enabling them to deliver complete automation solutions. Today, DEMAN offer Custom Equipment, Labelling Machines, Packing Machines, Bundling & Banding, Warehouse Equipment, Metal Detection, Custom Conveyors and Filling & Dosing Machines.

Reeco Approved Palletiser Partner

Boban Karajanovski, Managing Director of DEMAN explains: “So far we have offered equipment for primary and secondary production and packaging, with the RB1200 we complete our offering with tertiary packaging.” Due to current issues with labour shortage, production capacity and health and safety concerns, there is a need for change within end of line processes, Boban adds: “Because of these issues, in my experience most larger companies are seeking automation solutions in packaging, including secondary and tertiary packaging such as palletising and case packing.”

The DEMAN and Reeco partnership comes after DEMAN complete a successful install of an RB1200 for a Macedonian customer. First discovering Reeco and the RB1200 online, Boban says: “A particularly great impression was left by the first video I saw, the Easy Stack system and all the built-in Omron equipment.” He adds: “From a technical point of view I was impressed by Reeco, and after seeing the professional attitude of all the guys on their team I knew they were the right fit for DEMAN moving forward.”

The RB1200 has gained much interest within the UK and throughput Europe due to its compact design and easy of deployment. The RB1200 reduces automation complexity, accommodates variable SKU’s and tackles space constraints faced by manufacturers. Having been hands on with the RB1200, Boban says: “The key selling point of the RB1200 is the opportunity it provides within food production and confectionary, as well as chemical and pharmaceutical industries, having a payload of 12kg makes these areas the most interesting to explore.”

With DEMAN now appointed as a Reeco approved partner, Reeco are looking to expand their European network with other system integrators. The goal is to find partners like DEMAN who can bring value to, and remove the risk from, deployment and integration of Reeco Products such as the RB1200 palletiser and CP1200 case packer throughout Europe.