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Pallet Software for Flexible Manufacturing

Pallet software that allows manufacturers to take control of the palletising process, easily configure, edit and test pallets.

With Reeco’s Easy Stack software you can configure complex palletising applications, without the complex programming knowledge.

Enter your physical information such as box size, pallet size and stacking pattern and the software will calculate and perform the task.

Pallet Software

Program Pallets in Minutes

User friendly ‘Recipe’ formula for pallet building. Follow Easy Stack’s step-by-step process to create the perfect pallet. Take advantage of inbuilt pre-sets, such as pallet sizes and patterns, for even quicker configuration.

configure in minutes

Configure System Components

Easily modify and configure the palletiser cell. Control Slip sheet application, speed, maximum values, conveyor pre-sets, tool pre-sets and more, all within Easy Stack.

Quick Production Changes

Designed to be an operators best friend, Easy stack can store hundreds of pallet programs, giving you the flexibility to switch production, tweak performance or create new pallets for new products.

Programming Flexibility and Customisation

Full flexibility for little complexity.

The Easy Stack interface is a user-friendly design, enabling those of all experience levels to program and benefit from its customisations.

Create simple pallets for rapid deployment, or fine tune more complex high-performing pallets.

Key Features of Easy Stack Software

Easy Stack is packed full of features to help you manage your end of line packaging.

No Knowledge Required

Step-by-step recipe formula for pallet building, requiring no existing knowledge of programming.

Robot Double Pick
Single, Double & Triple Pick

Enjoy the flexibility of single, double and triple pick programming, giving you greater flexibility with pallet patterns and configurations for higher levels of throughput and customisation.

Multi SKU
Multi-SKU Palletising

Palletise multiple SKUs at the same time in each pallet bay. Easy Stack can load two pallets at a time, allowing you to stay flexible in your production.

usb upload
System Sharing

Upload and download pallets from one RB1200 Palletiser to another via USB. Roll out optimised pallet configurations and make changes across the board.

Palletiser Performance and Data Tracking
Pallet Performance and Data

View live cycle times and pallet performance values to help optimise future production runs and pallet builds.

Want to know how to use pallet software?

Download our FREE Easy Stack Palletising Guide.

  • Introduction to palletising software
  • Day to day functionality
  • Quick Configure
  • Building a Pallet
Pallet Software Guide

Configure system components for quicker pallet creation

Easy Stack combines and interfaces palletiser features into one, easy to understand, visually intuitive interface. Customise and manage triggers and pre-sets for tooling, conveyors and slip sheets.

Slipsheet application

Slip Sheet Management

Manage and automate your slip sheet application in Easy Stack. Add, remove and change how your slip sheets are added to your pallets.

Tool & Conveyor Pre-sets

Create, edit and refine specific tool and conveyor setups. Make product changeovers simple with pre-defined equipment parameters to ensure you’re up and running again in no time.

Software Maintenance

Maintenance Dashboard

Maintenance dashboard which allows you to complete system checks and ensure everything is running optimally.

Choosing the right pallet software, why Easy Stack?

With a visually intuitive interface design, Easy Stack combines and interfaces all the technology and capabilities within our RB1200 Palletiser, giving operators high levels of control for little input.

The recipe-style formula pallet software offers a fool-proof way of configuring pallet programs.

Palletiser Software

Benefits of Easy Stack Pallet Management Software

Easy Stack is Reeco’s answer to end-of-line flexibility and performance, allowing manufacturers to better control their palletising process.

High SKU Variability

High SKU variability is a challenge faced by many modern manufacturers, often a result of expansion, seasonal goods or changes in packaging. Being able to accommodate product change and stay flexible with pallet software is a huge business benefit for those wanting to keep their operations streamlined and flexible.

Reduce Complexity of Automation

By simplifying the entire palletising cell into one ‘hub’, the complexity of automation is significantly reduced. Some systems may have lots of individual components with their own languages and software’s, requiring some inhouse capabilities to oversee. Easy Stack pallet software is an umbrella for all the RB1200’s features, giving you access to your entire system in one interface.

On-demand Changes

Avoid being stuck to complex programming languages and relying on expertise, Easy Stack pallet software allows you to make optimisations on the fly. Revisit any previously built pallets, edit and test individual parameter changes, and optimise your production to fit your requirements as they change.

Staff Training

Staff Training can be a lengthy process and is completed at a cost to the manufacturer, new staff will have to spend significant amounts of time understanding your business and its processes. By simplifying the user interface, Easy Stack pallet software is able to slash the training time required and reduce the time and cost invested into training new starters, also easing and labour challenges.

Installation Costs

A systems ease of use directly reflects other costs such as installation and training. Installation can be a length process, but by deploying an intuitive pallet software which doesn’t require large amounts of technical understanding, systems can be up and running much quicker, reducing installation time and therefore reducing costs.

Need help or advice? Reeco are trusted Cobot specialists.

Case Packing
Case Packing

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Case Erecting
Case Erecting

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