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Cobots are making automation easier than ever, their versatility, size and effectiveness is allowing companies of all sizes to benefit from automation. Take a look at some of the potential collaborative robot solutions that you could integrate into your operations.

Bolt Fixing

Robot Bolt Fixing

If precision and consistency are the keys to your project’s success, then a robot may be the answer. Increase the quality and consistency of your products…

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Pick & Place

Increase accuracy and reduce waste with a pick and place cobot in your fulfillment center to handle pick and place tasks. The cobot can run most pick and place applications…

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Screw Fixing

Robotic Screw Fixing

Cobots can be used to run most screw driving applications automatically. The space-saving robot can also be reprogrammed quickly and used with different machines…

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Robot Riveting

A robot will consistently and repeatedly follow exact processes and pre-defined workflows with miniscule deviation. It requires superhuman abilities to repeat the same movement…

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Dispensing & Gluing

Robot dispensing and gluing

Dispensing and gluing applications can be extremely repetitive, the same movement over and over again for many hours with exactly the same precision and speed, robots will solve…

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Robotic Polishing and Buffing

Ensure consistent polishing and buffing using a collaborative robot with built-in force mode even on curved and uneven surfaces. Polishing, buffing, and even sanding tasks require…

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Robot electronic assembly

Improve speed and process quality while reducing the risk of injury associated with working in close proximity to heavy machinery. If the assembly robot comes into contact with a person…

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Robot pouch filling

Streamline your packaging and palletizing operation to be simpler, faster, and more efficient with Collaborative Robots. Relieve workers from repetitive work and heavy lifting by automating…

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Application Safety

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We develop detailed technical solutions for the safety of your robot application through mechanical, electronic and organisational measures, limit values laid down in ISO/TS 15066….

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Proof of Concept

Proof of concept

Proof of concept within production automation is an invaluable tool which can help validate and justify a potential automation solution without the full commitment…

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Reeco supply collaborative robot solutions, integrating Cobots and enabling Human-Robot Collaboration (HRC), view one of our HRC applications here: BMW/MINI Riveting. We focus on providing automated solutions to manufacturing processes which ultimately save you money and reduce production costs. Cobots are small, safe and flexible, allowing us to integrate them with and around existing factory equipment, processes and employees.

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We have a team of Cobot specialists with a wealth of experience in supplying and commissioning Cobots into multiple industries.

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Reeco Automation has worked with clients small and large across the United Kingdom and Europe providing collaborative robot solutions, increasing productivity and efficiency, if you have a project in mind and would like to find out how we can help then please do not hesitate to contact us.