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Robotic Polishing and Buffing Solutions

Polishing & Buffing

Ensure consistent polishing and buffing using a collaborative robot with built-in force mode – even on curved and uneven surfaces.

Polishing, buffing, and even sanding tasks require a specific, often delicate touch. A cobot with force control as part of its programming structure allows for this, and offers a flexible solution that will automatically adjust position in order to achieve the desired force.

The ability to apply a specific force to a workpiece is a valuable capability, which comes standard with many collaborative robots.

Polishing & Buffing Solutions

Cobots can be used to run most polishing and buffing type applications automatically. The space-saving robot can also be reprogrammed quickly and used with different machines, making it the perfect choice for small-volume productions or changing workflows and operational set-ups.

> Apply specific torque around predefined axes.

> Ensure consistency and predictable quality.

> Relieve workers from ergonomically unfavorable and strenuous tasks.

> Sand and polish even curved and uneven surfaces with adjustable force mode.