Cobot Rental at Unite Co

Unite Co, located in Newtown, Powys is the latest recipient of a Reeco solution after having a UR5 installed to complete a CNC machine tending process. This installation is also Reeco’s first Cobot rental solution, which we are now beginning to offer to customers as a means of foregoing the upfront investment in today’s difficult climate.

Unite Co has been in the business of creating aftermarket cycle products since 2016 and is continuously looking to grow. With expansion on the horizon, Unite looked to their CNC machining process which was previously loaded and unloaded manually by operators. automating this process would allow Unite to improve productivity by gaining increased production time and reduced down time in the absence of an operator.

After contacting Reeco and talking for a few weeks, the solution was successfully installed at their production facility, immediately boosting productivity and giving operators additional time for more meaningful tasks such as dealing with customer queries and packaging orders.

As a company we are now beginning to explore other finance options for clients looking to automate in the hopes of levelling the playing field and allowing manufacturers of all sizes to benefit from automation in today’s climate. Finance options such as Cobot rental give manufacturers more financial flexibility in their production which is evermore important during times of uncertainty. Reeco can tailor arrangements around your requirements to ensure financial flexibility is preserved, thereby reducing the risk involved in automating.  Alternative finance options are also becoming increasingly popular with bigger companies due to expenditure restrictions. Offerings such as Cobot rental provide a means of limiting the impact on capex whilst still reaping the benefits a Cobot has to offer.

To enquire about a Cobot rental solution, contact us.