Our RB family is growing

The RB2000 is joining our fleet of palletisers allowing us to cater to a higher payload without sacrificing anymore footprint than our RB1200. The increased payload of up to 20kg helps our system to manage heavier products for our customers. Our RB range has been built with our systems partner Omron and is a complete Reeco and Omron solution designed to cater to you and your production needs.

Easy Stack was designed to allow businesses to quickly respond to changes in demand without the service of an expert. You can configure your pallet within minutes, it really is that simple.

Packing Innovations
RB1200 V2

Come and visit us on stand E50 at the PACKAGING INNOVATIONS & EMPACK show, NEC Birmingham on 15th and 16th February 2023 and discuss how our system may be able to help you and your production.

Birmingham NEC: Stand E50, 15-16th February

Software Updates

Robot Double Pick

Double & Triple Pick Programming

Through the Easy Stack interface users can now enjoy the flexibility of double and triple pick programming, giving you greater flexibility with pallet patterns and configurations for higher levels of throughput and customisation.

tool and conveyor presets

Tool & Conveyor Pre-sets

Create, edit and refine specific configurations for different tool and conveyor setups. Make product change overs simple with pre-defined equipment parameters to ensure you’re up and running again in no time.

tool and conveyor presets

Performance Data and Tracking

Make better informed changes with more information. Easy Stack now offers performance data including cycle times, average cycle time across an entire pallet, pallet progress, individual layer progress and more.

System Additions

Slipsheet application

Slipsheet Application

If you palletise with slipsheets between layers of product, version 2 has an add-on which automates this process. Built into Easy Stack, slipsheet is available through the layer stacking portion of the pallet builder.

Palletiser Tool Changer

Tool Changing

Quickly switch production with a tool changer, for example switch from regular tape sealed boxes to shrink wrapped products. Set up tool and conveyor pre-sets to quickly change, load and begin palletising again.

Palletiser Tool Changer

Multi SKU

Palletise two different SKUs at the same time by loading different programs in each pallet bay, this can be complemented by using dual infeeds or product identification systems such as vision and barcode readers.

Performance Upgrades

Up to 25% Faster

The RB1200 can now operate up to 25% faster, in some instances achieving up to 15 cycles per minute under the right conditions.

Palletiser Stack Height

Up to 15% Taller Pallets

Version 2 is capable of achieving stack heights of up to 2450mm, ideal for those looking to maximise pallet volume and precious cargo space.

Palletiser Payload

Lift Heavier

Lift up to 12kg per cycle with the RB1200. Typically for lower volume production where RSI is the primary driver for palletising automation.

Solving your robotic automation needs…

Case Packing
Case Packing

Unlike traditional automated packing systems, collaborative robots are flexible in their use which enables on-demand production without the need for costly restructuring, also promoting a faster payback.


Palletising large quantities of inventory? Having an efficient palletising system in place is paramount to operational success. Robotic Palletisers can work around the clock, boosting end-of-line efficiency.

Mobile Robots
Mobile Robots

Reeco are able to provide Autonomous Mobile Robots (AMRs) to suit an array of application requirements. Reeco are the official UK solution partner for Omron Mobile Robots, a leader within Mobile Robotics.