RB1200 Robot Palletiser – Automatic Palletising

Developed in collaboration with Omron, the RB1200 palletiser is a cost effective, market ready solution, making end-of-line robotic automation attractive to producers of all sizes.

If your operations require you to palletise large quantities of inventory, having efficient palletising systems in place is paramount to operational success. The RB1200 palletiser is the latest offering in palletising technology, offering a cost reduction of up to 50% and a 60% smaller footprint when compared to conventional palletisers.

RB1200 Robot Palletiser

Versatile Solution – The RB1200 is able to accommodate a wide range of pallet and box dimensions

Integrated Safety – A market ready palletising solution with integrated safety for quick deployment.

Simple Programming – Easy Stack software, an intuitive interface that can be used with no experience.

Quick to set up – Modular and quick to set up, all connected with one 240v plug.

The RB1200

The RB1200 palletiser features an Omron TM12 Collaborative Robot, providing a reach of 1300mm and coupled with a 7th axis lifter for full reach across all suitable pallets. Capable of operating with a payload of up to 12kg, the RB1200 is complete with integrated safety, utilising an Omron OS32C scanner, making it a market ready palletising solution.

As automation specialists, Reeco are able to provide additional services such as custom tooling to suit different solutions.

Flexible Palletising Robot

The RB1200 palletiser is a plug and play solution that can be up and running within the hour.

The palletiser was specifically designed to help businesses respond to changes in demand, providing flexibility in its modular design and simple programming for rapid redeployment.

Palletiser Deployment

Interested in the RB1200 Palletiser? We have a demo service.

Easy Stack Programming

Easy Stack makes programming simple. Program new layer and pallet designs with no programming knowledge. Easy Stack was designed to allow businesses to quickly respond to changes in demand without the service of an expert.

Configuring new pallets is completed in minutes through the visually intuitive Easy Stack interface. To begin with Easy Stack only basic pallet and box parameters are required, limiting the need for engineer support.

  • Easy to use interface
  • Highly customisable pallet design
  • Store pallet designs for quick changeovers

Want to learn how to build a pallet with Easy Stack? Download our Easy Stack Guide.

Palletiser Safety Scanner

Integrated Safety Systems

The RB1200 palletizer has been assessed and designed accordingly to ensure quick deployment with no safety concern. Safety fencing is used alongside each pallet runway, with limited access at the rear. Fencing allows us to restrict entry points and accurately monitor them with safety scanners.

An Omron OS32c 270 degree safety scanner monitors the front opening of the system, triggering the robot to stop should this area be breached.

ISO 13849-1  –  ISO 10218  –  ISO 15066

The RB1200 is capable of handling payloads up to 12kg

60% less space required compared to traditional palletisers

The RB1200 has a max pick rate of 15 per minute

Easily moved and redeployed due to modular design

Palletiser Footprint

The RB1200 palletiser is designed for operations where palletising is a core process of your business and where humans and machines work in close proximity. The RB1200 offers a place to store an array of pallet designs, and coupled with its modular build for deployment flexibility, provides an efficient end-of-line palletising system.

The RB1200 palletiser has a small factory footprint when compared to conventional palletisers, making it ideal for limited space scenarios.

  • Suitable for most pallet sizes
  • Small factory footprint
  • Quickly move and redeploy
Palletizer Footprint
Mobile Robots and Palletiser

A complete end-of-line system

The RB1200 can be made compatible with mobile robots, which together make the perfect team for a completely automated end-of-line packaging system. A HD1500 mobile robot can be integrated into the factory and used alongside the RB1200 to load fresh pallets and unload completed pallets, taking them to a wrapping applicator and finally to a warehouse.

  • Complete end-of-line packaging
  • up to 1500kg payload
  • 360 degree safety coverage
Palletiser Brochure
Palletiser Buying Guide
Buying Guide
Palletising with Easy Stack
Palletising with Easy Stack

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Case Packing
Case Packing

Unlike traditional automated packing systems, collaborative robots are flexible in their use which enables on-demand production without the need for costly restructuring, also promoting a faster payback.

Case Erecting
Case Erecting

Reeco offer a range of Case Erectors to suit your budget and packing requirements. Offering an output of up to 30 cases every minute and demanding only a small amount of floor space, a quick payback is guaranteed.

Case Sealing
Case Sealing

Reeco offer a range of Case Sealers to suit your budget and packing requirements. Offering an output of up to 30 cases every minute and demanding only a small amount of floor space, a quick payback is guaranteed.