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Reap benefits of automation, without the up front costs.

Our palletizer rental scheme was engineered to allow companies of all sizes to access the latest automation equipment without significant capital outlay. Flexible terms mean you can palletize seasonal and batch production with more operational agility. Rent a palletizer from £8 an hour.

  • Free engineering support
  • 2 week lead time
  • Access to the latest tech
  • Zero cost demo service
  • Free training
RB1200 Palletiser

Benefits of Renting a Palletizer

Renting gives manufacturers of all sizes access to a higher standard of equipment, which otherwise may have been too expensive. Rentals allow you to immediately generate a return on investment due to the smaller financial commitment, allowing you to better forecast, manage and plan future activities and projects. By renting a palletizer on flexible terms manufacturers who previously couldn’t justify automation due to barriers like varying production needs, now have the opportunity to reap the benefits of automation on terms that suit them.

Short Lead Time

Palletizer rental has a lead time of 2 weeks, a dramatic reduction from purchase lead times.

Quicker ROI

Whether hiring, renting or leasing, ROI is seen quicker due to smaller monthly investments.

Tax Relief

Smaller payment terms allow you to reduce end of year corporation tax.

Free Engineering Support

Breakdown and engineering support all covered in the palletizer rental cost.

Try Before you Buy

Experience the benefits before taking on ownership responsibility.


Robot Palletizers boost productivity through improved uptime and throughput rates.

Free Training

Onsite and pre-commission training included in rental cost. Further user support available.


Produce and automate on your terms, only pay for the periods you need.

Cash Flow

No large capital outlay. Palletizer rental systems can be treated like another number on payroll.

Why Rent our Palletizer?

Unmatched flexibility

Up to 60% smaller footprint than traditional systems. Market ready; palletizer rentals deployed within as little as a day. Integrated safety in accordance with ISO standards. Quick to move and redeploy.

Operate with Ease

Program new pallets with no experience. To begin with Easy Stack, only basic pallet and box parameters are required, limiting the need for engineer support. Quickly respond to change.

Zero Cost Palletizer Demo for Rentals

How does it work?

We have a demo palletizer which is used for continuous development and product tests. We invite all prospective customers to test palletizing their products free of charge.

  • You send us a sample batch of product / packaging
  • Our engineers will program the system to your product
  • We will test as per your requirements: cycle time, patterns, height, payload etc.

What do you get?

Our demos have a quick turn around, typically a couple of days, at the end of which you will receive a professional video that:

  • Walks you through the palletizer
  • Provides a detailed insight into how we programmed your product
  • Shows footage of your product being palletized
  • Presents a review of your requirements vs our test
  • Gives feedback: what the next steps would be with your product
Palletizer Demo
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