Robotiq Grippers

Robotiq’s flexible robot grippers are designed to work perfectly with collaborative robots for a fast, easy plug-and play integration.

To eliminate any extra time designing a custom fitting to adapt a gripper to your robot, Robotiq grippers come with installation kits for robots like Universal Robots and Omron TM. This bundle has everything you need; the mechanical coupling, fixtures, required wiring and software to integrate the gripper on to your Cobot as quickly as possible.

Robotiq Grippers

Hand E

Robotiq Hand-e
  • Plug & Play
  • 50mm stroke
  • High accuracy and wide stroke
  • Ideal for precision assembly tasks
  • Built for industrial applications and harsh environments


Robotiq 2F 85
  • Plug & Play
  • 85mm stroke
  • Pick parts of different size and shapes
  • Internal and external grip
  • Automatic part detection and position feedback


Robotiq 2F 140
  • Plug & Play
  • 140mm stroke
  • Pick parts of different size and shapes
  • Internal and external gripping
  • Automatic part detection and position feedback

Hand-E’s high accuracy and 50mm parallel stoke make it perfect for precision assembly tasks, while its sealed design ensured reliability in the toughest manufacturing conditions – including CNC machining. Hand-E’s design adheres to ISO/TS 15066 standard best practises, with maximum force, rounded edges, self-locking functionalities, and other features making it the gripper for collaborative robots.

The 2F-85 and 2F-140 Adaptive Grippers are the worlds best-selling grippers for collaborative robots. Use them to accomplish a complete lineup of applications with a fast time-to-production – no robotics expertise required. They’re key to a highly flexible and reliable robotic cell.

Robotiq Gripper Applications

Gripper Specifications

Robotiq Gripper Specifications