Proof of Concept

Proof of Concept (POC) within production automation is an invaluable tool which can help validate and justify a potential automation solution without the full commitment.

For many companies, the decision making for projects such as automation can often be shelved or prolonged through lengthy discussions, POC can help alleviate concerns, answer questions and validate ideas. A POC lets you observe an application working with your products to make a more informed decision.

As a company that specialise in bespoke automation solutions, providing a POC to clients can allow us to do the thinking for you. We are able to determine whether a solution will work within the confines of your production environment, assisting you in finding the best possible solution to an application and determining the possible from the impractical.


Proof of Concept can be used as the deciding factor before the final product is ever built, providing a lower risk entry into automation and allowing you to determine whether automation is viable for your business, the main benefits include:

  • Time Saving: A POC allows you to see how your process could be automated and enables you to make an informed decision before full commitment.
  • Money Saving: No Commitment to the full project, a risk free view of your process being automated.
  • Validate: See if automation is suitable for you, alleviate concerns and determine whether your objectives are being met.
  • Learning and Development: Creating a POC allows us to learn about your process in more detail, giving us a better understanding of the application, limiting the potential for errors further down the pipeline.
  • Feedback: POC can give us insight into your process allowing us to give you valuable feedback.

How Does it Work?

To be successful, the Proof of Concept needs to be well defined and treated as a regular project with a clear objective. Though POC work is meant to be quick and informative, its still important that the design and development is treated with careful planning and preparation to ensure the objective is met. A Reeco POC can be split into 6 stages:

  • Preparation: Site visits and discussions to determine the objective of the project, though site visits are preferred, alternatively videos can be sent for our review. To complete a POC we will also need to be issued the parts from your process so we can accurately simulate a production scenario.
  • Planning: Team discussions begin so we can develop ideas and review your process in detail before moving forward with the design stage.
  • Design: A dedicated team will begin designing an application which is able to demonstrate the best proposed solution.
  • Discussions: Throughout the process we are in continuous discussions with you to update you on our progress and also make any alterations you may require or answer any queries you may have.
  • Execution: The POC build starts, our team will begin to program a demonstration application.
  • Feedback: The application can be reviewed in person or via video and feedback will be provided.

Proof of Concept work costs a small fee, however this fee can be deducted from the final costings should you proceed with the project.

Do you have a process that you want to automate? Reach out to us to discuss a Proof of Concept.