Returning to Work

As government lockdown relaxations progress many businesses are gradually resuming operation and trying to adjust to the new style of doing business with strict protocol and safety guidelines in place. With businesses beginning to open their doors again, Reeco is back to work and busy as ever.

We have ensured that our workplace follows social distancing measures to allow our projects to progress safely and open-up opportunities for new projects as enquiry levels begin to return to normal.

We have ensured our office is divided with the limited flow of people in and out and select employees across different business functions being allowed in at any one time, moving any larger meetings online. Our canteen has also undergone similar treatment, staggering the flow of people in and out at any one time, keeping distance where possible and ensuring surfaces are well sanitised at all times. Employee’s are asked to take necessary precautions in the workshop like the use of facemasks, gloves and regular use of sanitisers.


The COVID crisis has exposed vulnerabilities in business operations which are making companies vulnerable to disruption. Though social distancing is quickly becoming a reality in workplaces and is expected to be a fundamental business principle for the foreseeable future, we are still left with much uncertainty. In times of uncertainty the ability to be flexible and quickly adapt to change is invaluable.

Cobots are one of the most flexible forms of automation due to their size and versatility and could help alleviate safety concerns by allowing partial automation of production lines between workers. Helpful across an array of applications including screw fixing, pick and place, packaging and electronics assembly, Cobots are quickly becoming popular with manufacturers of all sizes.