Why is Bespoke Automation Important?

Modern production operations are under increasing pressure to reduce costs and improve efficiency without loss in product quality. As technology develops, equipment ages and processes change so it can be difficult to keep up with the competition and achieve the best possible production scenario without new investment, however for investment to be justified there must be long-term benefits to cost and efficiency.

Increasing the levels of automation within production processes of any business can deliver improvements to production cost, reliability and quality. With increased automation activity also comes the ability to collect additional process data which can be used for effective process management. Reeco has a track record of implementing successful Cobot applications for businesses of all sizes and industry types, having worked with some of biggest companies in the world. 

Bentley cobot

Whilst many automation systems will be comprised of similar components and features, its important that they are arranged and integrated in a way that is specific to an application for the best performance. Creating bespoke automation solutions can therefore be paramount to operational success.

Creating the most effective design for any application requires significant expertise from design, manufacturing, programming and installation to avoid unnecessary complications and delays. The most effective solution is to develop the project with an experienced supplier who can deliver the complete package.

Bespoke Automation at Reeco

Bespoke automation systems can be used to deliver higher levels of efficiency and reliability.

Each project goes through a unique journey within Reeco. Bespoke automation solutions require thorough planning and time to understand your process, your business and goals to ensure we deliver operational success for your application. Every project is assigned to a team of dedicated engineers who invest all their time into your project to ensure the best possible automation solution is achieved.

The definition of bespoke means that our engineers have to start from the ground up, working closely with you to establish what the new application will deliver and the best way to achieve it. Existing technologies often have to be integrated with unique parts and custom designs in order to achieve the best results.

Pictured to the right are images from the design process and final integration of our latest project for Ford.

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