Honeywell Deploys Two Cobots

Honeywell, located in Motherwell, Scotland has recently added two more Cobots to its workforce to assist with the task of laser printing control system housings.

The two UR3e Cobots deployed at the manufacturers plant have encouraged growth opportunity within the manufacturing of their high-tech home products by improving output and freeing operators to attend to more cost-effective tasks.

The standard process was laborious and perfect for the implementation of Cobots due to the low payload and high-volume requirements of the process. Automating this resulted in a more favourable work environment by eliminating the opportunity of repetitive strain injury whilst promoting efficiency and repeatability.

From concept to final design and integration Reeco developed an effective solution to this manufacturing task by deploying two UR3e Cobots, which were perfect candidates due to their size and speed.

As bespoke Cobot solution specialists, our engineers developed the system which supports each Cobot including the custom tracks, vacuum grippers and robotic stands. The expertise of our engineers allows us to create complex solutions for processes across an array of industries.

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Pick and place cobots
cobot vacuum gripper