Reeco and Kuka Work Together

We’re very excited to share this brilliant video filmed by KUKA Robotics of our recent installation at BMW/Mini Plant Oxford.

The implementation of this collaborative robot system at the plant, can help prevent strain on workers while cutting cycle times. We’re an Official System Partner of Kuka, as Katherine Johnson, Marketing Manager at KUKA UK explains;

“The KUKA System Partner Programme brings together skills and innovation to develop automated manufacturing solutions across a number of vertical markets. Continual product innovation and development ensures that our comprehensive portfolio supports our system partners, giving them a competitive edge in the market, as they look to provide customers with the fastest route to production, utilising automated robotics.”

Targeting a variety of industries, primarily automotive, we have the knowledge and experience of an established integrator who can bridge the gap between traditional manufacturing applications and automated processes, improving operational efficiencies through the implementation of automated HRC (human robot collaborative) robotic cells.

KUKA partner