Reeco are happy to announce participation in the PPMA show, 2021. Taking place on the 28-30th of September at the Birmingham NEC, the PPMA is the UK’s largest event dedicated to state-of-the-art processing and packaging machinery.

We are exciting to be showcasing our RB1200 Palletiser, a game changer in end-of-line automation. The RB1200 was developed in collaboration with OMRON to respond to flexibility challenges which have been presented to manufacturers in recent times. Together, Reeco and OMRON have created a solution which allows manufacturers to be more resilient in the face of change, producing more flexibly, on-demand.

Reeco PPMA 2021
RB1200 Robotic Palletizer


Developed in collaboration with Omron, the RB1200 palletiser is a cost effective, market ready solution, making end-of-line robotic automation attractive to producers of all sizes.

The RB1200 Palletiser is the latest offering in palletising technology, offering a cost reduction of up to 50% and a 60% smaller footprint when compared to conventional palletisers. Specifically designed to help manufacturers respond to challenges, its modular design and flexible redeployment present an economically attractive offering to producers of all sizes, with its cost and flexibility having a radical impact on project payback.

More information about the RB1200 Palletiser…

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