Another Cobot Joins ASD

UK based lighting manufacturer ASD Lighting have continued to embrace industry 4.0 technology with the addition of another UR5 cobot to their workforce along with a brand-new test station which have both been integrated into their existing streetlight production line.

ASD presents a comprehensive range of commercial, domestic, industrial, street and security lighting which are designed, developed and manufactured to the highest standards.

ASD’s manufacturing processes, specialists and state of the art technology allow them to meet the ever-changing production requirements of their clients whilst still offering industry leading products and delivery times. As a company they are staying ahead of the curve by embracing industry 4.0 technology and implementing Collaborative robots into their production processes with the help of Reeco.

Screw Fixing cobot line

Collaborative robots enable companies like ASD to improve consistency within production processes whilst also improving on product output and positive working environments. The implementation of Cobots for ASD has bettered the working environment of their operators by reducing unfavourable work and instead shifting the workflow downstream where time is better spent dealing with the increased product output.

After successfully implementing automation into their production processes with the addition of Cobots Robbie and Roberta, ASD achieved automation goals of increasing productivity, reducing labour intensive tasks and reducing the risk of RSI (repetitive strain injury). With the operational success of existing automation, ASD made the decision to further invest into the line as a means of improving efficiency through the addition of another UR5 Collaborative Robot and a purpose built testing station for the end of the line, both integrated and developed by Reeco. The aim of the new additions was to reduce discrepancies in product quality, thus improving value provided to their clients, whilst  improving line productivity further.

The Cobots at ASD are assisting the team with Screw Fixing and Pick and Place processes on their streetlight line. With the factory manufacturing streetlights every day much of the processes involved are highly repetitive making them perfect for automation, as where production at scale occurs RSI becomes an increasing concern for employers. Cobots offer a solution to RSI concerns whilst also helping address other production challenges such as cycle times, product quality and consistency.

UR5 Screw Fixing